Research Students

Current Students

John Hossain (M.A.) Thrust fault geometry and earthquake cycle deformation.


Will Sawyer, B.A. (with high honors) ’16

“Numerical modeling of pseudotachylyte injection vein formation”, at MIT engineering in fall 2017

Natchanan Doungkaew, B.A. (with honors) ’14

“Using Syndepositional Monoclines to Estimate Paleo-Elastic Properties of a Mixed Carbonate Siliciclastic Sequence, Guadalupe Mts, NM”, now a PhD student at UT Austin

Katherine Shervais, B.A. (with honors) ’13

“Examining Microroughness Evolution in Natural Pseudotachylyte-Bearing Fault Surfaces, Gole Larghe Fault Zone, Italy”, MS Colorado State University

Julia Mulhern, B.A. (with high honors) ’12

“Tessera Fold Belt topography in Ovda Regio, Venus”, PhD University of Utah

George C. Bennum ’09, B.A./M.A. ’11

“Three-dimensional mapping of Synsedimentary Faulting in the Capitan Reef, Guadalupe Mountains, NM/TX”

Gregory Hurd, B.A. (with honors) ’10

“Nearest Neighbor Analysis of Compaction in Basin Margin Sediments of the Capitan Depositional System”PhD UT Austin

Gus Seixas, (with high honors) ’10

“Neogene deformation associated with the Wheeler fault, Lake Mead, Arizona”, M.S. Stanford University

Jeremy Fairbanks, B.A. (with honors) ’06

“Syndepositional Deformation of the Capitan Carbonate Reef Complex, Slaughter Canyon, New Mexico: Application of Photogrammetry and GPS Survey Techniques”, MS New Mexico Tech ’09, now Geologist at Klondex Mines Ltd.

Vanessa Meer, B.A. (with honors) ’06

“Surface, Slip and Stress Analysis of the Arkitsa Fault, Greece:A review of the relationships among curvature, fracture zones, and stress fields on a test site in the Gulf of Evvia”, MS, Duke University ’10

Pat Welsh, B.A. (with honors) ’05

“Interpretation of Mesoscopic Deformation in Reverse-drag Folding of Parashant Canyon, Arizona”, now working as an environmental consultant, CT